Council under fire over unkempt state of the jewel of Dunfermline

Council under fire over unkempt state of the jewel of Dunfermline

Dunfermline Abbey's grounds maintenance by Fife Council has come under fire

Fife Council’s grounds maintenance department which has responsibility for keeping the grass and green garden areas neat and tidy has come under fire.

An elderly resident who was visiting Dunfermline Abbey said the council “should be ashamed of itself” over the unkempt state of the graveyard and area within the abbey.

Council leader Alex Rowley confirmed that he had visited the site and spoken to the lady.  He said: “As we walked round I saw what she meant. The grass had been poorly cut, there were long edges along the grass round most head stones and there was weeds everywhere. The place was a total state.

“When you consider this is a key visitor attraction in the ancient capital of Dunfermline it just beggars belief that it is in such a poor state of maintenance. I met a tour guide who introduced me to the group he was showing around and there were people there from many nationalities.”

He said a team from the Community Payback service was doing a good job.  He commented:  “They were in one part of the grounds putting in soil round the graves and grass seeding them, they were also cleaning the graves up so people could read them and doing a great job.”

He added that poor planting around the wider town area had also been raised with him from within the business district.

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