Labour's double win in Dunfermline by-elections

Labour’s Cara Hiton and Billy Pollock have both triumphed in the two Dunfermline by-elections held in Dunfermline on 24 October 2013. Shamed former MSP Bill Walker then representing the SNP,  took the seat in the 2011 Holyrood election by 580 votes. Newly elected Dunfermline mum, Cara Hilton, Holyrood’s new MSP, said: “After the disgrace of Bill […]

Salmond challenged to a 'head-to-head' by 73 year-old Independent candidate

Meanwhile, John Black, the Independent candidate in the Dunfermline By-election has challenged Alex Salmond to a head-to-head TV debate on the terms of the YES campaign. John Black, 73,  said he was standing as an Independent candidate “due to difficulties in getting The Scottish Jacobite Party re-registered with The Election Commission”. He states: “I have […]

Alex Salmond launches SNP by-election campaign in Dunfermline

SNP  leader and First Minister Alex Salmond, and candidate Shirley-Anne Somerville, launched the SNP’s Dunfermline by-election campaign on Friday, 4 October 2013. Ms Somerville was brought up and schooled in Kirkcaldy, and lives with her husband and young family in North Queensferry, Fife. She was SNP MSP for Lothians between 2007-2011. Mr Salmond said:  “The choice […]

Labour team out and about speaking to thousands of Dunfermline householders

Just 17 days after her campaign got underway, Cara Hilton has congratulated the hard work of her campaign team as more than 8,000 Dunfermline households have been contacted so far. She said hundreds more were speaking to Labour volunteers every day. Scottish Labour’s candidate in the Dunfermline by-election, said: “I’m delighted that our campaign is […]

SNP candidate in Dunfermline by-election focuses on 'people's policies' in Abbeyview visit

Dunfermline by-election candidate Shirley-Anne Somerville highlighted the need to guarantee the future of the “People’s Policies” of the Scottish Government, as she joined older people in Abbeyview Day Centre to speak with the users and staff. Ms Somerville spoke with a number of older people and staff and called on all the other candidates in […]

Police station public counter closures 'down to SNP cuts to police budget' – Labour by-election candidate

It has been announced several of Fife’s local police stations’ front counters will either curb their openings hours to members of the public, with some being closed altogether. Under the proposals, Dunfermline’s main police station looks like to remain a 24-hour publicly accessible counter.  However, smaller stations could be affected by the plan, one being […]

Crombie school closure could 'be applied to every rural Scottish school, warns by-election candidate

A rural school in the West Dunfermline area should be saved from closure, the Scottish Conservative Dunfermline by-election candidate has said. James Reekie, candidate for the upcoming Dunfermline by-election, caused by the departure of jailed Bill Walker,  has highlighted the plight of Crombie Primary school, which is currently under the threat of closure. He warned if the […]

Conservative candidate: Closed A&E in Dunfermline was 'despite warnings of the impact' to SNP

The Conservatives fighting the Scottish Parliamentary by-election in Dunfermline have come focused on the closure of the town’s Queen Margaret Hospital closed A&E department. James Reekie, the candidate, is saying occupancy rates across Fife hospitals have soared since the closure of a major accident and emergency unit, yet this is being refuted by health chiefs. […]

Green candidate Kitson pays visit to Dunfermline food bank

Zara Kitson, Green Party  candidate standing in the Scottish Parliamentary by-election in Dunfermline, has praised Dunfermline Food Bank. Out on the campaign trail, she said: “When out on the high street and door knocking in Dunfermline, a few folk mentioned the local Foodbank, as a vital service that I must check out, and should be supporting. I […]

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